About Ewing Controls


Ewing Controls is a small, dedicated team of engineers and other professionals passionate about producing the finest industrial control systems. Our specialty is engineering, building and servicing steam turbine generator controls for use in institutional and industrial facilities around the world. We are located in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Since our founding in 2001 we have produced more than 200 custom-engineered turbine generator control systems, primarily as an OEM to the US steam turbine manufacturers. Nearly all our control systems are designed for energy efficient cogeneration applications. Our projects range from small training units to highly sophisticated prime-power at major industrial facilities. We build control systems to exact customer specifications or we can provide a detail design to meet the customer needs.  Each system is custom engineered, built in our facility and commissioned by the same team of engineers who designed and programmed it.

In 2017 Ewing Controls became a 100 percent employee-owned worker cooperative. Each of our worker-owners has an equal vote in electing our Board of Directors and each gets an equal share of the company profits.